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While We Lie Sleeping

 A black and white silent short to advocate an awareness on behalf of returning U.S. troops from Afghanistan acknowledged by The Christopher Reeves Foundation, General Colin Powell, United War Veterans, TAPS, James Gandolfini, the USO, The American Red Cross, Wachovia Nonprofit and Philanthropic Services and Target Stores.


Welcome Home

Dedicated to the vets from WWI, WWII, The Korean and Vietnam Wars this film is a companion short to While We Lie Sleeping,

Tribute 9.11 

A black and white silent short which captures the devastating emotional impact and the loving care from all of those affected by the events of September 11th.

Observer Highway Revisited

A fanciful and entertaining portrait of prominent abstract New York artist, Serena Bocchino.


P. I. Snaps

An award-winning, 16mm black and white stylish, noir-esque documentary on Dempster Leech a private investigator whose stomping grounds were the mean streets of New York City.


Dedicated to Francois Truffaut, a whimsical short on two brothers in Beacon, New York.


Artist: Queen Esther. A stylized music video a la 1940’s Hollywood of her debut song.

Trailers for Pitched Television Series and Feature Film Projects

Virtue of Authority. Harlem to Hollywood. The story and music of MAGiC

Is a feature documentary which follows the riveting, often brutal story of the struggles story of MAGiC,  an African American female hip-hop artist from Spanish Harlem. The film and the music are the backdrop for a candid and intimate portrait of a strong, vibrant, talented single mother, a rapper, music producer and poet working to make it to “rap stardom in the days before hip-hop culture went global.”


Brotherhood: 3 Tough Cops, 3 Tough Cities, 24 Hours

A feature documentary and companion reality-based television series that parallels the lives of three altruistic cops from three of this country’s toughest cities over 24 hours.

P. I. Snaps, The Series

A noiresque reality-based television series based on the above mentioned film short which follows private detective Dempster Leech, in his battles against Chinese and Vietnamese counterfeiters.

Commissioned Projects

Contributed film footage to:  HBO and Brad Grey Pictures' Emmy Award® winning documentary In Memoriam, New York City, 9/11/01  and A Year in Focus, National Geographic.

The 9/11 Remembrance Project

A feature documentary advocating for the church and developing a strong belief in God as a way of coping with the pain of the events of 9/11.

34 Million Friends

A public service short created for the Face to Face Foundation featuring legendary jazz great, Odetta and the Harlem Girl’s Choir.

A Dream Of Blue

In Martha's Vineyard, a painter finds a place to dream and to create her world in blue.   A filmed portrait of the ideas of artistic composition and content is cut to jazz Great, Pat Metheny’s musical score.

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